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How to Dress When You Are Short

Are you the short one in the family? If you are petite than it can be difficult to find great looking and fitting apparel. You can take solace in knowing that you are not alone in your struggle to find height. There are many people just like you who long to be well, long. Don’t let the fact that you are not tall discourage you from thinking you can’t have style. Although you may not be growing anymore, you can still give the appearance of height depending upon how you dress. In fact, since there are a lot of petite women out there is even guidelines that can be followed to help you find your style while still being short. According to an article, appearing taller (and leaner in some cases) all depends on what you are wearing. Your goal should be to give the illusion of height. For example, if you are looking to appear a little taller than you should follow these guidelines: stick with only a few color variations, go for tighter clothing in order to avoid extra bulk, stick with vertical patterns instead of horizontal patterns, wear high heels but avoid heels with straps, wear high waisted pants and skirts, take it easy on oversized accessories, avoid boxyness, pick out glasses and sunglasses that are propitiate to your face, wear v-line tops, pick a handbag that fits your physique which means no large handbags, wear a jacket that is the same length as your dress, and choose boots that stop at your knee.


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Yves Saint Laurent – The Passing Of A Fashion Giant

The death of fashion giant Yves Saint Laurent at age 71 marked the end of an era for the designer world. Saint Laurent was a man of his times and in many ways played a part in the social and political upheaval that took place during the twentieth century.

The remarkable five decade career of Yves Saint Laurent got its start on August 1, 1936 when Yves Henri Mathieu Saint Laurent was born in Oran, Algeria to a French Colonial family. His first experience in fashion design was when he created clothes for his sisters’ dolls at the age of twelve. His more formal entry into the fashion scene occurred in 1954 when he and Karl Lagerfeld shared top prizes in an International Wool Secretariat competition. Christian Dior, who happened to be a judge for that competition, immediately hired the remarkably talented eighteen year old , and was later to be succeeded by Saint Laurent at the age of 21.

While Saint Laurent had initial success working for Dior(his “Ligne Trapeze” was very well received), his later creations were given rather tepid reviews and it would not be until 1961, when Saint Laurent left Dior to start his own design company, that he began to attain icon status for his wonderful fashion designs.

Together with his friend and partner, Pierre Berge, Saint Laurent started the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house and began a remarkable 20-year streak, when Saint Laurent’s name became synonymous with Paris catwalk glamour and elegance, and he was the unquestioned leader in international fashion. His patented trademark, YSL, remains the most famous initials in fashion history.

Saint Laurent had a number of important “firsts” to his credit. His ground-breaking idea of putting women in masculine yet stylishly fashionable tuxedoes was a defining moment in fashion. His designs celebrated the growing empowerment of women and their increasing sexual liberation and came at a time when the feminist movement was just gaining traction across the globe. He was also the first fashion designer to use black models, another example of his ground-breaking role in the design world.

While Saint Laurent was extremely talented across the wide spectrum of fashion design, his greatest fame was as the best colorist in fashion history. His unique use of colors led to fashion creations which were as much a work of art as they were functional clothing.

Saint Laurent’s sensitivity was legendary and this led to a nervous breakdown when he was forced to do military service in the 1960’s. Hidden behind large spectacles, the quiet and shy Saint Laurent enjoyed staying at home rather than taking advantage of the notorious Paris nightlife and he commuted to work daily with his beloved French bulldog Moujik.

Upon Saint Laurent’s death his partner, Pierre Berge noted “There will be two who will undeniably remain – one who symbolized the first part of the 20th century, and that’s Chanel, and the other one who will symbolize the second part of the 20th century, and that’s Yves Saint Laurent.” They were fast moving and historic times, the last half of the twentieth century, and Yves Saint Laurent unquestionably led the fashion industry through many of the same changes that the world in general was participating in.

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Different Types Of Kqc Flat Irons

The usage of KQC Flat Irons is considered as an option over the usual salon visits. They have been planned exclusively for providing professional hair styling results. What that makes these devices really special is the high-end technologies used for its manufacture as well as its outstanding features. Mentioned below are some of the most preferred of KQC hair straighteners.?

KQC X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron?

Designed using the combination of ceramic and tourmaline technology, this flat iron comes with an array of features such as ultra powerful Korean Ceramic Heaters, variable heat settings from 140? to 410? F, fast heat up in less than 30 seconds and ergonomic design.?

KQC Red Devil Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron?

It is one of the perfect choices for who need incredible styling result that is frizz-free and long lasting. The special blend of tourmaline and ceramic results in the powerful natural emission of negative ions and far-infrared heat, that is very good for the health and appearance of the hair.?

KQC Turbo Generation II Tourmaline / Ceramic Flat Iron?

One of the hottest flat irons available in the market, this tool is an upgraded version of the KQC X-Heat Flat Iron. It is designed with a combination of ceramic and tourmaline gemstone complimented with accurate heat technology.? Further, it is equipped with Ultra powerful Korean Ceramic Heaters for providing exact and steady temperatures.?

KQC X-Heat Mini Ceramic Travel Flat Iron?

Coming with 5-1/2″ long compact design, this styler is solely designed to cater to the travel needs. It can fit in purse, and is convenient for touch-ups. It has one heat setting and dual voltages to use around the world.?

In short, with KQC Flat Irons you can accomplish a healthy, silky professional finish without the static electricity and frizzles of conventional technology. They are flexible hair concern tools that enable you to try a variety of styles, aside from straightening. Moreover, they are backed by one year limited warranty.

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The Evolution Of Perfume – Facts And History

The chronicle of perfume refers to its wide use in ancient Egypt, Rome and the Middle East. Perfume was extensively used by women as beautification ritual and status, besides religious rituals. It also played a significant role in courtship and romance acts.

Classic perfumes were made using aromatic natural raw materials acquired from botanical as well as animal sources. The finished perfumes turned to be highly expensive revealing the production costs and only the opulent class of people could afford it. However, owing to technological advancements and modern chemistry the classic perfume saw gradual transformation into its contemporary version.

The contemporary evolution process initiated in Grasse, South France and stretched to Paris. Grasse is recognized as the perfume and flower capital as it is steeped in the history of perfume. Grasse offers the finest perfumes to all discerning perfumers in the world. Mammoth changes have taken place in perfumery. The art of making perfume today involves creativity and technology. Today, the fruition of perfume has ascertained that they are not reserved only for the privileged class alone. Modern perfumes are available in affordable prices as they are manufactured using aroma chemicals and many man-made aromatic compounds.

Niche and natural perfumers make perfumes in classic style. Big perfume houses on occasions combine aroma chemicals with botanical oils and emerge with novel perfumes. Wearing perfumes is a way of pampering oneself. Men and women apply perfume as pleasure or to express intimacy. However, the fragrance of perfume is appreciated as it has a lingering effect.

Conversely, a perfume smelling good on one person may not smell good on another, and this is due to the interaction between the body and the fragrance that produces a unique scent perception based on the body chemistry. Hence, body chemistry is considered to be a significant factor in creating or even in buying a perfume. A perfume having a good smell on a smelling strip may not be good on you.

Perfume should be purchased only after trying it on your body. You can squirt some perfume on the inside of your wrist and try to smell it after sometime. If the perfume smell is retained, you can get going by buying the perfume or select another one that blends your body. Few things that should be done before purchasing a perfume is that smell the scent and apply it immediately. Its fragrance should be apparent in the surrounding and also should have the ability of lasting longer.

Speaking of perfumes, it is believed that women possess better sense of smell in comparison to men. Similarly, the smell sense is sharper in the afternoons and remembering the smell is very essential. Conversely, perfume fragrance is long lasting on oily skin than dry skins. In general, you can have lasting effect of perfume when the concentration and the aromatic oils in the perfume are higher and heavier.

Following certain guidelines for wearing perfumes helps in retaining it for a longer period. Perfumes have their best effect when applied on pulse points. Subsequently, applying perfumes on the wrist, inside the elbows and behind the ears is suggested. Spraying perfume in the bra cleavage keeps the scent released continuously.

There are plenty of cheap perfume available indicating great savings. Cheap perfume is not considered to be the best purchase as the ingredients used may not be of good standards. However, caution is expected as counterfeit products may smell like original perfume, but made of low grade quality ingredients causing harm to your skin. Hence, buying perfumes of big brands that tries to clear their discontinued products or some liquidated stock is worth purchasing as the price tag will also be appropriate.

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Hair Products

While some people may genuinely have smooth, lustrous hair naturally, the majority of people you see with envy-inducing hair are the product of excellent styling and hair products and tools, mixed with a good stylist and a great haircut. They make sure their content is original, and once they have written two HTML pages of hair articles, strategically placed by their cousin the graphic artist (who is bald) around the advertisements for hair products and now they think they are done. Avoid using hair products that are oily or greasy for the same reason.

The term anti aging product already encompasses an endless variety of products aimed at multiple facets of human aging: cosmetics (or cosmeceuticals, as they are sometimes called), hair products, supplements, hormone therapies, exercise aids, spa treatments, drugs, surgical techniques, and many more. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo every night especially if you use greasy hair products, or use a wrap-around nightcap that covers the hair and ensure the cap is washed every morning. Must have hair products. Depending on your hair type, there are several hair products that are essential for everyone.

Michael Knight from Atlanta will have his design featured in a Tresemme Hair Products advertisement in Elle Magazine come Fall of 2006. Keep in mind when purchasing these hair products that it is good to have a few that will serve different purposes. Doing so prevents oily hair products from dripping onto the body and, thus, causing breakouts.

Hair products from the same range are designed to work together. As previously mentioned, the selection of hair products and hair styling tools is crucial, no matter what you?ve heard. Expensive verses inexpensive hair care products. I”m a firm believer in that you get what you pay for, but that line seems to get blurred when dealing with professional hair products.

Cold smoothing is a hair relaxing and de-frizzing solution that was created by the professionals at Matrix hair products. Now, are high-priced professional hair products better than the inexpensive ones? Shopping for hair products is easier than ever with the Internet.

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How To Find Your Perfect Bikini

For most women, however, there is always one blot on the gloriously sunny horizon and that is the dreaded task of choosing this year’s bikini. Although we all enjoy lazing by the pool or taking a dip in the sea, lots of us feel less than happy about baring all in a bikini. In many cases this is because we aren’t sure as to which bikini to buy to best suit our body shape. If you buy the right bikini to compliment your figure you will be feeling beach beautiful in no time, so the following are a few handy hints to help you find the right bikini for this summer?

As we’re all aware there are many different body shapes out there and each of those body shapes is best complimented by a different style of bikini. If you are a woman with a slim, athletic build and not much in the way of curves, then you are extremely lucky in the sense that you can wear bikinis that most women can’t get away with. So if you do have a boyish figure don’t be afraid of bandeau strapless bikini tops and string-tie bikinis. Having said that you will most probably want a bikini that feminises your figure, so avoid overly sporty swimwear. instead look for bikinis with feminine patterns, frills and plunge bras, as these will help to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

If you are a typical ‘pear shape’ (the most common body shape by far) you will have hips that are wider than your bust and shoulders. The key to finding the perfect bikini for this shape is to make your hips look narrower than they actually are, whilst adding volume to your bust which will balance you out. One way in which you can achieve this is by opting for high-legged bikini bottoms, as these will lengthen your legs and thus draw attention away from your hips. Be careful however, high-legged does not mean high-waisted, as high-waisted briefs will only emphasise wide hips. You should also ideally look for a bikini that features plain, dark bottoms with a complimentary patterned top, which will draw attention to your bust and away from your hips, thus balancing out your figure.

Ladies with larger busts should always opt for bikinis that offer a lot in the way of support. Swimwear purposely designed for bigger busts will always be more supportive and in return give you a better shape. Top-heavy girls need to reverse the ‘pear shaped’ rule and wear plain, dark colours on top with brighter, patterned bikini bottoms. If, on the other hand, you have a smaller bust, then because you don’t need as much support you will be able to wear any bikini style that takes your fancy! Remember however that halter necks will be really flattering, as will bikini tops that include a little bit of padding!

In terms of colours, the best thing to do is try a few next to your skin to see what you think looks best. Porcelain beauties should avoid white as this will only make them look pasty and black is ? of course ? slimming on everyone. It’s also worth remembering that bright colours always look best next to tanned skin.

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Summer Clothing Tips For Toddlers

When you are looking for summer toddler clothing for your little boy, you will need to look for many different things. It is important that the clothing that you get for your toddler be comfortable, easy to clean as well as easy for him to put on. Parents of toddlers need to know about how to dress their children in practical, but stylish fashions for the summer. This is especially true of toddler boy clothes that consist mostly of shorts.
Take a look at some of the cool toddler looks that are available today for your toddler boy. You can choose from t-shirts that are emblazoned with ultra-cool logos and lettering as well as cord shorts that are all the rage with the older kids. It is easier than ever to make sure that your child is not only comfortable this summer, but also looks cool.
T-shirts are always in fashion when it comes to toddler boy clothes. Instead of generic t-shirts, however, you may want to choose some that have some fun sayings that are bound to give others a chuckle and make your child stand out.
Look for t-shirts that are cool when it comes to comfort, but hot when it comes to style for your child this summer. Consider getting those that show a little bit of humor and that reflect on the personality that your child is developing.
You can pick toddler t-shirts for you boy that say that he only dates models. You can also choose from some symbols and logos that are both hip as well as adorable on youngsters.
Short pants are necessary for your toddler in warm weather, but they can be trendy as well. Some of the hottest fashions for cool toddler looks are those that are the same as what the older kids are wearing.
Corded shorts are in style with boys of all ages and are the ideal choice when it comes to toddler boy clothes. You can find a variety of different styles in corded shorts when you are looking for toddler fashions.
Make sure that the clothes that you pick are not only cool to look at, but will also keep your child cool. Wearing shorts and t-shirts during the warm summer months will make your child feel comfortable, even in the hot weather.
When choosing toddler clothing for your little boy, be sure to look for shorts that are easy for him to wear, can protect him and will go right in the wash. You can also look for some of the latest styles when you look for clothes for your little boy. With proper selection, you can find the perfect summer fashions for your boy toddler.

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Designer Sunglasses Should Provide Proper Protection From Uv Rays

Many people consider sunglasses to be simply a fashion accessory, while in fact they may be more of a necessity than you realize. However, in many cases they are looked at as fashions accessories and are available in many different styles and price ranges. They are often used as both a fashion accessory and as a protection device.
There are several things that should be considered when purchasing Tom Ford sunglasses. The first thing that should be considered is your eyes. If you wear glasses for vision, then you may need to purchase prescription shades for wearing when exposed to the sun.
The prescription versions of these glasses appear similar to other sunshades, but they actually contain prescription lenses. In fact, these are typically the same prescription as your regular glasses, but are capable of blocking the sun since they are tinted. The amount of tint on these lenses may vary based on the desired amount of protection from UV rays.
You eye doctor may offer a deal on glasses that provides you with a free pair of tinted lenses when you buy a pair of regular lenses. Since you are getting one pair free, you are actually saving money on both pairs. If you bought the prescription tined lenses separately they would typically run the same price as the standard lenses.
Tinted lenses provide a varying degree of protection from the sun. This protection is referred to as the UV protection. This protection is very important since the rays from the have the potential to damage the condition off your eyes if they are exposed to bright sun for extended periods of time. The naked eye does not have any protection from these rays and even if you do not have vision problems, you should consider protecting your eyes.
This long-run potential for causing damage to your eyes is the original reason for protective eye wear, but over time they have become a fashion accessory. The emphasis on fashion has become so great that often the least expensive products do not provide protection from the sun. On the other hand, prescription lenses are designed to handle these harmful rays.
When you have decided on the desired amount of UV protection, then you can consider the style you desire. Obviously this will be one of your primary concerns and you will want the style of the frames to match your personal flair. Regardless of your amount of fashion sense, you can typically find something that will provide you with the look you desire.
One way to decide on style is to select a frame color that accents your skin tone. While silver frames may look good on some people, they do not necessarily look good on everyone. There are also a wide variety of colored frames and you will find that selecting a colored frame is strictly matter of personal taste. You may also want to select the shape of the frame based on the shape of your face.

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Beautiful Hair Using Advanced Amika Ceramic Flat Iron

One of the latest additions to the hair care industry, Amika flat irons are designed with so many noteworthy features that help in comfortable and safe styling. Amika flat iron is made with 100% ceramic plates that when heated emits a number of natural source of negative ions that are capable of canceling the effect of heat on the hair. When metallic flat irons ruins the hair by scratching, pulling and burning the strands, the ceramic tourmaline flat irons manufactured by Amika can easily style your hair gently and safely.

If you have a frequent need for styling the hair, Amika ceramic flat irons are the best option. You can complete the whole process of styling within a few seconds and get ready for your college or office if you have a professional Amika flat iron with you. You need not have to worry about the safety of your hair as Amika flat irons are capable of safeguarding your hair from the heat by preserving the natural moistures and oils of your hair. Amika is the best styling tool that can address all your needs in hair styling and the with the multi-purpose styling option, you can accomplish different hair styles such as straightening, crimping, flipping, curling, creating waves etc as per your wish. In this way, you can skip the need for regular visits to hair salons for your hair to be styled. Anyone can style their hair with an Amika flat iron easily after learning the basis method of styling.

Amika flat iron is equipped with so many safety features so as to provide maximum safety and convenience while styling. They are provided with adjustable temperature control features that enable it to be used for all types of hair. You can set the temperature to the lowest and then gradually increase the heat to get the accurate temperature required for your hair type. It offer maximum comfort while styling with its painless grip handle that is prepared from a durable heat defiant material and is also equipped with a 9 foot 360 degree swivel cord that helps in removing tangles and prevents twisting. You can use the Amika flat iron anywhere in the world with the dual voltage feature it delivers.

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Perfume Inside And Out

The very word perfume creates a whiff of fragrance in the surroundings. It fills and mesmerizes the senses with a wonderful sensation and feeling. Perfumes have always attracted mankind and how a bottle of perfume is created is a mystery even in this era and age! The art of perfume making is a secret and the selected perfumes are created by specialists who never divulge the ingredients of it. This makes each bottle of perfume unique.

The perfume making art was introduced in Egypt and Mesopotamia somewhere in the 2nd millennium BC. Originally perfume was made from spices like almonds, coriander and bergamot along with various other herbs. Flowers were not used in those days.

A Persian doctor and chemist discovered that perfume could be made from flowers too. He started making perfume with roses and rose water was a big favorite immediately. Once introduced, rose water was being used extensively and is still used.

With the advancement in the perfume making industry and mass production and consumption, there has been a sea change in the entire procedure of perfume making. It has now become a mechanical job no doubt but still needs expertise.

Commercial manufacturers keep their secrets of making perfume close to their hearts and don`t like to divulge it. However it is open secret that perfume is derived from plants, animals and other natural ways. Among the plants resins, seeds, leaves, fruits, and flowers are used. In the animals` category civet, musk and honey comb may be used. In the modern era genetically induced plants are also being used to make perfumes by the perfume manufacturers.

The manufacturers now days use many synthetic sources like chemicals prepared in labs to make perfume and these perfumes are quite a hit among the users.

Although the basic method of producing perfume is the same for all perfumes various manufacturers adopt slightly different style of manufacturing it according their individual style and choice.

Before you start making perfume you need to understand the composition of the perfume oil. They have been classified into four categories according to the role played by them. These scents are found in the different notes like the top, base or the middle according to the supporting ingredients.

They are the following: fixatives, modifiers, blenders and primary scents.

The fragrance oil has to be mixed with ethyl alcohol and water in special containers for a minimum of two weeks and all sediments are to be filtered off carefully. Nowadays the usual style is to use the base for it because of the obvious reasons instead of extracting perfumes from the `ground ups`.

There are quite a few types of oils mixed in a perfume. Once the final product is ready it is very difficult to know about its separate compositions. It is very difficult to break up the perfume and find its ingredients. However the nature of the perfume can be understood by the experts by using reverse technology. But this is also useful only if the perfume is not too much complicated in formation. A lot depends on the equipment that is put into use. Competitors and discerning consumers use it to reveal the formula used in the making of the perfume.

Continuous research is always being carried on in the perfume industry and experts keep experimenting and devising new ways of making perfume. Efforts are made to make each bottle unique, each perfume unique and the secrecy that is maintained by all concerned is amazing.

Perfume bottle that you have is unique and a lot of hard work has gone into it. Don`t waste it, but use it with love and care in honor of the care that has gone into it!