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Different Types Of Kqc Flat Irons

The usage of KQC Flat Irons is considered as an option over the usual salon visits. They have been planned exclusively for providing professional hair styling results. What that makes these devices really special is the high-end technologies used for its manufacture as well as its outstanding features. Mentioned below are some of the most…

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How To Find Your Perfect Bikini

For most women, however, there is always one blot on the gloriously sunny horizon and that is the dreaded task of choosing this year’s bikini. Although we all enjoy lazing by the pool or taking a dip in the sea, lots of us feel less than happy about baring all in a bikini. In many cases this is because we aren’t sure as to which bikini to buy to best suit our body shape. If you buy the right bikini to compliment your figure you will be feeling beach beautiful in no time, so the following are a few handy hints to help you find the right bikini for this summer?

As we’re all aware there are many different body shapes out there and each of those body shapes is best complimented by a different style of bikini. If you are a woman with a slim, athletic build and not much in the way of curves, then you are extremely lucky in the sense that you can wear bikinis that most women can’t get away with. So if you do have a boyish figure don’t be afraid of bandeau strapless bikini tops and string-tie bikinis. Having said that you will most probably want a bikini that feminises your figure, so avoid overly sporty swimwear. instead look for bikinis with feminine patterns, frills and plunge bras, as these will help to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

If you are a typical ‘pear shape’ (the most common body shape by far) you will have hips that are wider than your bust and shoulders. The key to finding the perfect bikini for this shape is to make your hips look narrower than they actually are, whilst adding volume to your bust which will balance you out. One way in which you can achieve this is by opting for high-legged bikini bottoms, as these will lengthen your legs and thus draw attention away from your hips. Be careful however, high-legged does not mean high-waisted, as high-waisted briefs will only emphasise wide hips. You should also ideally look for a bikini that features plain, dark bottoms with a complimentary patterned top, which will draw attention to your bust and away from your hips, thus balancing out your figure.

Ladies with larger busts should always opt for bikinis that offer a lot in the way of support. Swimwear purposely designed for bigger busts will always be more supportive and in return give you a better shape. Top-heavy girls need to reverse the ‘pear shaped’ rule and wear plain, dark colours on top with brighter, patterned bikini bottoms. If, on the other hand, you have a smaller bust, then because you don’t need as much support you will be able to wear any bikini style that takes your fancy! Remember however that halter necks will be really flattering, as will bikini tops that include a little bit of padding!

In terms of colours, the best thing to do is try a few next to your skin to see what you think looks best. Porcelain beauties should avoid white as this will only make them look pasty and black is ? of course ? slimming on everyone. It’s also worth remembering that bright colours always look best next to tanned skin.

Beautiful Hair Using Advanced Amika Ceramic Flat Iron

One of the latest additions to the hair care industry, Amika flat irons are designed with so many noteworthy features that help in comfortable and safe styling. Amika flat iron is made with 100% ceramic plates that when heated emits a number of natural source of negative ions that are capable of canceling the effect of heat on the hair. When metallic flat irons ruins the hair by scratching, pulling and burning the strands, the ceramic tourmaline flat irons manufactured by Amika can easily style your hair gently and safely.

If you have a frequent need for styling the hair, Amika ceramic flat irons are the best option. You can complete the whole process of styling within a few seconds and get ready for your college or office if you have a professional Amika flat iron with you. You need not have to worry about the safety of your hair as Amika flat irons are capable of safeguarding your hair from the heat by preserving the natural moistures and oils of your hair. Amika is the best styling tool that can address all your needs in hair styling and the with the multi-purpose styling option, you can accomplish different hair styles such as straightening, crimping, flipping, curling, creating waves etc as per your wish. In this way, you can skip the need for regular visits to hair salons for your hair to be styled. Anyone can style their hair with an Amika flat iron easily after learning the basis method of styling.

Amika flat iron is equipped with so many safety features so as to provide maximum safety and convenience while styling. They are provided with adjustable temperature control features that enable it to be used for all types of hair. You can set the temperature to the lowest and then gradually increase the heat to get the accurate temperature required for your hair type. It offer maximum comfort while styling with its painless grip handle that is prepared from a durable heat defiant material and is also equipped with a 9 foot 360 degree swivel cord that helps in removing tangles and prevents twisting. You can use the Amika flat iron anywhere in the world with the dual voltage feature it delivers.

Follow The Foxcrow Philosophy

If you are looking for a very different and diverse new handbag line, look no further than Foxcrow Philosophy. This luxury brand, designed by graphic designer Joe Charles, popped onto the scene last year just in time to debut their Spring 2009 collection. This collection focused mainly on premium leathers presented in funky styles, all embossed with the symbolic Foxcrow logo (a crow on top of a fox). From the success of this first collection, the brand moved on to presentt one of the most glamorous Fall/Winter handbag collections I have seen so far. It is full of those same premium leathers but also expands to incorporate exotic feathers, furs and skins.

Choose from classic styles such as their Bowler Bag (pictured above) or smaller funkier bags like their Lipstick bags in feather or fur (pictured below). I am absolutely obsessed with the Lipstick bag from the Spring 2009 collection that features red patent leather, a long chain strap and a large silver Foxcrow emblem. This is the perfect party bag.

Prices on these bags range from $150- $650 depending on the type of materials used, but no matter what bag you choose, quality is what you?ll get? in addition to a bag that never goes out of style. Look for these pieces at Tulips in New York?s Lower East Side and soon online.

P.S.- The fur and feather bags run for under $300!!